Funeral Tributes

We specialise in funeral tributes with a combined experience of 67 years in the trade. All the photos on this site are of our own work. The photos allow you to see the different styles, colours and options that are available. We believe each item is individual and uniquely made for that person.

Please note that we are unable to provide a catalogue, pictures provided are not individually priced and may not reflect the starting prices. Please call 01902 307731 to discuss any design.

We offer a delivery service and take card payments.

Don't think you can afford what you want? Think again. We can tailor all items to your budget!! Come see us or call us. We are here to help.

Please contact us or pop in store for our extended range and individual pricing.

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Budget - £22 / Standard - £32 / Luxury - £42 Per Letter

Budget - Single row of flowers and a flower corsage of florists choice on each letter. 

Standard - Double row of flowers and rose or gerbra corasage on each letter

Luxury - Full 3D letters with 3 rows of flowers complete with a rse corsage on each letter.

Letters come with a choice of colour ribbon, white double chrysanthemums and finished with a corsage  on each letter.

The colour choices are entirely the customers choice and any colour combination is possible.

Add a full spray for only £10. Add additional rose corsage for only £2 each. 

Personalised name letters will incur an additional £4 per letter charge. Please ask staff for clarity. For example the name Bill or Mary.

Mixed Floral Letters - £55

We also design and create the mixed floral flower letters. A pleated ribbon edge filled with a mixture of your choice flowers to give a full floral look, perfect if you are looking for letters but want a choice of flowers.

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Hearts - from £25

A popular and traditional choice these tributes are made in a choice of colours and designs. A base of pleated ribbon complemented with a blanket white double chrysanthemums. A spray of mixed flowers or solely roses with eucalyptus and fern accompanied with a corsage opposite for the tribute card. 

Petite - £25 - 9"   Small - £45 - 12"   Medium - £60 - 15"   Large - £85 - 21"  Large includes double ribbon and name on ribbon.  Superior - £125  - 23" superior includes double ribbon, name on ribbon & huge spray.

Solid Loose Heart - from £55

A single heart created with either seasonal flowers or flowers of you choice (not including orchids)

Small - £55 - 12"  Medium £85 - 15" Large £120 - 18 "

Double Heart Solid - from £100

Choice of colours. A base of pleated ribbon stands tall in the centre of the heart and sweeps out at the base, giving a 3D appearance. A blanket of white double chrysanthemums creates a stunning shape. including a double spray of roses and greenery, or flowers of your choice.

Medium - £100 - 15"   Large - £135 - 18"

Single Open Massed Hearts -from £35

Single open heart based in white chrysanthemums with a pleated ribbon round. A spray of flowers on either side of the heart.

Small - £35 - 12"  Medium - £60 - 15"  Large £90 - 18"

Double Open Massed Heart - from £95

Two open hearts entwined together, ribbon round and based in white chrysanthemums, Sprays on each heart. 

Medium - £95 - 15"  Large £130 - 18"

Single open loose Floral Hearts - from £40

A  heart shaped frame decorated with a mixture of flowers, complete with pleated skirt of ribbon. A heart shape can be seen through the frame for added dimension.

A ribbon with the departed name can also be added to the tribute for that personal touch. We can also add personal items to the tributes.

Small - £40 - 12"   Medium - £80 - 15"   Large - £110 - 18"

Modern style frames may be what you are looking for. Please feel free to call us and discuss your requirements. Includes roses, orchids, hydrangea and calla lily.

Small - £70 - 12"   Medium - £90 - 15"   Large - £115 - 18"

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Pillows and Cushions - from £45

A popular and traditional choice these tributes are made in a choice of colours and designs. A base of pleated ribbon complemented with a blanket white double chrysanthemums. A spray of mixed flowers or solely roses with mixed greenery accompanied with a corsage opposite for the tribute card.

Cushions:    Small - £45 - 12"     Medium - £60 - 15"   Large - £75 - 18"   Superior - £110 - 21"  Superior includes double pleat ribbon, name on ribbon & large spray.  

Pillows:   Small - £45 - 14"     Medium - £60 - 18"   Large - £75 - 21"   Superior - £110 - 23"  Superior includes double pleat ribbon, name on ribbon & large spray.

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Cross - from £40

A formal and traditional tribute available in the following sizes and prices:

18" - £40   2ft - £50   3ft - £80   4ft - £120   5ft - £160   6ft - £200

Designed and created to your specifications crosses are a perfect alternative to a coffin spray.

A base of ribbon with pointed edges for a bold effect covered in white double chrysanthemums, with an eye catching spray of mixed flowers or a classic all rose Spray.

Mixed Floral Cross - from £50

With a choice of colours and flowers a cross frame is decorated with a mixture of flowers. Traditional and contemporary designs available.

Contemporary Designed cross - from £80

2ft - £80   3ft - £120   4ft - £160   5ft - £200

Hessian backed frame, flowers include hydrangea, calla lily and best roses

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Posy All Roses - from £20

A small posy made in a dish comprising of all roses, gyp and greenery. Colour is your choice.

Mixed Floral Posy - from £20

A seasonal mixture of flowers made in a dish. Colour choice is yours. Let us know if there are any particular flowers types you may want to incorporate.

All Lilly Posy and/or Roses Posy - from £20

For a classic look this arrangement can be made with just lilies or with lilies and roses. Lilies come in either pink or white, the rose colour is entirely yours.

All Lilies - from £20     Lilies and Roses- from £30

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Baskets - from £25

A traditional arrangement made in a wicker basket with an handle. A mixture of seasonal flowers or flowers of your preference. Colours entirely yours.

Petite - £25   Medium  1ft -  £40   Large 2ft - £60

Priced on request for all lilies and roses.

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Tribute Sprays

Single Ended Spray (Teardrop)

An arrangement using either seasonal mixture of flowers.  A very popular choice. Made in a tray the arrangement tapers into a point to give the classic teardrop appearance

Budget - £30 per ft   Standard - £35 per ft   Luxury - £45 per ft

Floral Spray

A very traditional arrangement taking the appearance of a mini coffin spray.

1ft - £35   2ft - £50   3ft - £70

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Wreaths - from £30

Wreaths are a traditional round tribute. Made to your budget and choice of your colours and flowers.

Most popular to made with seasonal available flowers to reflect the season.

12" - £30     14" - £40     16" - £60    18" - £80     20" - £110

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Posy Pad

Posy Pad Massed - A round foam frame with a blanket of fluffy white double chrysanthemums, sat upon a frill of pleated ribbon. Centre to the tribute is a spray of either mixed flowers or roses.

8" - £20   10" - £30   12" - £40   14" - £50   16" - £70

Mixed Floral Posy Pad - A domed tribute created on a circular floral foam base. A mixture of flowers of your choice of colour with a complementing skirt of double pleated ribbon.

10" - £40   12" - £50   14" - £65   16"   £80

Modern Arranged Posy Pad from £40 - A very modern alternative. A bespoke design incorporating an array of mixed foliage and striking flowers to create a real eye catching arrangement.

Available in sizes 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" diameter. Please call for prices.

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Coffin Spray - from £35 per ft

The most popular choice of floral tribute for decorating the top of a coffin, made to your chosen size, colours and flower choice. Coffin sprays can be made as petite or extravagant as you choose.

An increasingly popular choice as a single tribute from the whole family if donations are preferred.


Basic - £35 per ft      Standard - £45 per ft (most popular)    Luxury - £56 per ft       

Your price - Let us know your budget and we can make something for your exact budget from £70                                                                                   

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Funeral Bouquets (Sheaf) - From £20

A mixture of seasonal flowers with your choice of colours. If specific flower choices are required, please call the shop for an individual price.

Handtied Funeral Bouquet (Sheaf) - A natural handtied of flowers with no cellophane wrapping. Arranged to show off the natural beauty of the flowers with a colour corresponding bow to match. Handtied Bouquets are becoming a more popular eco friendly choice as these can be created using only natural and biodegradable materials.

Funeral Bouquet (Sheaf) - Arranged in a cellophane sleeve with ribbons and a bow. Our most popular funeral tribute. Ribbons with the departed name ideally sit across the front of the cellophane for a personal touch.

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Gates of Heaven - From £75

A stunning funeral tribute to denote the passing of a loved one into the gates of heaven.

Any colour and flower combination can be created. Both traditional and contemporary designs can be created with all various greenery with lilies and white roses becoming popular.

This tribute frame can also be created as garden arch with a pathway leading through the gates. Ornaments can also be added to this frame for an individual and personal touch. Ideal tribute for those who were keen gardeners or enjoyed the outdoors.

Basic - £75 - Single pleat ribbon, one spray, small arch

Standard - £95 - Single pleat ribbon, one large spray & two corsage sprays, medium arch

Luxury - £130 - Double pleat ribbon, multiple sprays name on ribbon, large arch (most popular)

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Angel on Stand - Small £55 Large £90

One of our most popular tribute items.

Beautiful glittery wings and a full pleated skirt really makes this tribute really stand out. Set on a stand this is very popular to place on top of the coffin or at the back of the hearse whilst in transit.

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Specialist Frame Items

We have a vast range of specialist frames. If you are looking for something particular please call us to discuss your requirements.

Not found what you are looking for?

We have an extensive catalogue in store with more tribute items. If you have anything particular in mind, please feel free to contact us on 01902 307731 to discuss your requirements.